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About Chambray Design
space that is unique to them.”
Kathleen is a graduate of UC Berkeley’s respected Interior Design and Architecture program. Her earlier education earned her a BA in Art Education from Plymouth University in New Hampshire.
Having grown up in a 200-year old colonial home in New Hampshire, Kathleen’s interest in style and all things antique developed early. Understanding the aesthetics of architectural history gives her a grounded perspective to create contemporary and high-tech spaces as well.
With all its natural beauty and micro-cultures, the San Francisco Bay area is now home. Her other interests include selling antiques at local antique shows, gardening, traveling, cooking and watching great movies with her husband Peter and Tibetan terriers, Captain Bob and Miss Daisy.

Sonoma Dining room
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Chambray is a soft, warm woven fabric that is comfortable and extremely versatile. Chambray can be soft or hardworking and vintage or modern. Depending on how it is used and what it is used with, it can represent any style.

That flexibility is how they approach a design project. "I like to understand what the client needs and wants,” said Kathleen Roche-Hubert, Chambray Design president and principal designer. “What do they respond to? How will they use the space? That makes it easier to successfully apply
the principles and elements of interior design to create a